Nick Masons Saucerful Of Secrets 2020

    • Nick Masons Saucerful Of Secrets 2020

      Auch 2020 wird Nick Mason wieder mit seiner Band auf Tour gehen - daher nun ein eigener Thread für seine 2020er-Aktivitäten


      29/04/2020 - Convention Centre, Dublin
      01/05/2020 - Barbican, York
      02/05/2020 - De Montfort Hall, Leicester
      04/05/2020 - Mayflower, Southampton
      05/05/2020 - St. David's Hall, Cardiff
      07/05/2020 - Royal Albert Hall, London
      08/05/2020 - Philharmonic, Liverpool
      09/05/2020 - City Hall, Sheffield
      11/05/2020 - Symphony Hall, Birmingham
      12/05/2020 - Forum, Bath
      14/05/2020 - Sage, Gateshead
      15/05/2020 - O2 Apollo, Manchester
      16/05/2020 - Usher Hall, Edinburgh

      Passend dazu:
      Roger Waters im Interview mit dem 'Rolling Stone' zum Thema "Nick Mason und seiner Band Saucerful Of Secrets":

      Rolling Stone / Kory Grow: Before we move on from the topic of Pink Floyd, I saw you perform ‘Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun” with Nick Mason this year in New York. What did you think of his show?

      Roger Waters: I was really pleasantly surprised by [the band] ‘Saucerful Of Secrets’. I really enjoyed it, and obviously I love Nick. He’s a very old friend, and luckily all those bridges have been rebuilt. We see each other often, and I adore him. The atmosphere that night was wonderful, and I couldn’t have been happier than to be allowed to share the stage and sing one of my songs with that band.
      Guy Pratt was great singing and playing the guitar. He knows a lot about it all having worked for Gilmour for all those years. And I thought Nick sounded great. And the other guys were really splendid.…ilm-interview-889933/amp/

      Wenn das mal keine Empfehlung ist! :thumbup:

      I don't need your tongue to cut me (Roger Waters)
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      Patrick schrieb:

      finde aber es etwas seltsam dass man so mit dem Song so direkt wirbt. Die Shows werden doch auch so gut angenommen.
      Etwas seltsam finde ich das auch...
      Auf der offiziellen Homepage befindet sich der Zusatz allerdings nicht.
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