Zu Verkaufen, Pink Floyd und Andere

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    • Zu Verkaufen, Pink Floyd und Andere

      Pink Floyd - Comfortably Numb + Run Like Hell, 3"CD
      Pink Floyd - Dark Side Of The Moon, MFSL, 1CD
      Pink Floyd - Meddle, MFSL, 1CD
      Pink Floyd - The Wall, MFSL, 2CD
      Pink Floyd - Shine On, Selections From The Box, 1Pic-CD,
      Pink Floyd - Wish You Were Here, Box, Columbia Mastersound, Gold, 1CD
      Pink Floyd - Echoes, The Best Of Pink Floyd, 6 Track Sampler, 1CD,
      Pink Floyd - Delicate Sound Of Thunder, CDS 794802, 2CD
      Pink Floyd - A Momentary Lapse Of Reason, 07778057123 aus der "Shine On"-Box, 1CD
      Pink Floyd - Pompeji, 1DVD
      Pink Floyd - Pompeji, 2VCD
      Pink Floyd - P.U.L.S.E, 2VCD
      Pink Floyd - Learning To Fly/Terminal Frost + DYOL, 1MaxiCD
      Roger Waters - Live in Berlin 1990, Special Edition, 1DVD
      Roger Waters - The Wall Berlin 90, 2CD
      Roger Waters - In the Flesh, 1DVD
      Roger Waters - In The Flesh, 2CD
      David Gilmour - In Concert, 1DVD
      Adams, Bryan - Hits On Fire, 1st. Gold+Picture, 2CD
      Aerosmith - Love In An Elevator, 1x3"CD
      Aerosmith - Rag Doll, 1MaxiCD
      Antolini, Charly - Knock Out, Double Version Jeton, Still Sealed, 1CD
      Antolini, Charly - Count Down, Jeton, 1CD
      Blue Oyster Cult - Some Enchanted Evening, 1CD
      Bon Jovi - Slippery When Wet, 1Picture-CD
      Browne, Jackson - Running On Empty, goldfarben, 1CD
      Cheap Trick - At Budokan, 1CD
      Cher- Farewell Tour, Holo-Cover, 1DVD
      Cooder, Ry - Borderline, goldfarben, 1CD
      Cult, The - Sonic Temple, Hologramm-Cover, 1CD
      D'Arby, Terence Trent - Introducing The Hardline.., 1Picture-CD
      Def Leppard - Historia/In The Round In Your Face, 2DVD
      DeRosso - Ossimoro, 1CD
      Dire Straits - On The Night, 1DVD
      Dream So Real - Rough Night In Jericho, 1CD
      Eagles - Hotel California, goldfarben, 1CD
      Enya - Orinoco Flow, 1MaxiCD
      Etheridge, Melissa - Live L.A. 88, 1MaxiCD
      Etheridge, Melissa - Similar Features, 1MaxiCD
      Evanescence - Anywhere But Home, 1CD 1DVD
      Frey, Glenn - Part Of Me, Part Of You, 1MaxiCD
      Georgia Satellites - In The Land Of Salvation And Sin, 1CD
      Grönemeyer - Ö, 1Picture-CD in Maxicase
      Grobschnitt - The History Of Solar Music 1, 2CD
      Grobschnitt - The History Of Solar Music 2, 2CD Eroc signed
      Grobschnitt - The History Of Solar Music 4, 2CD Eroc signed
      Guns N' Roses - Use Your Illusion II, 1PicCD+T-Shirt
      Hendrix, Jimi - Are You Experienced, 1CD
      Hendrix, Jimi - Electric Ladyland, 1CD
      Hendrix, Jimi - Live At Winterland, 1GoldCD lim.5000
      Hendrix, Jimi - Radio One, 1PictureCD
      Hooters - Nervous Night, 1CD
      Hooters - One Way Home, 1CD
      Inxs - Live Baby Live, Box 1PicCD+48page booklet, 1VHS
      It's A Beautiful Day - Same, SFS 11790DA, Still Sealed, 1CD
      Jackson, Michael - Bad, Blister Sealed, 1PictureCD
      Jagger, Mick - Primitive Cool, Blister Sealed, 1PictureCD
      James Gang, 15 Greatest Hits, 1CD
      Jason And The Scorchers - Still Standing, 1CD
      Johnny Hates Jazz - Heart Of Gold 1st.Picture Maxi, 1MaxiCD
      Kitaro - Silk Road IV, 1CD
      Lone Justice - Same, 1CD
      McKee, Maria - Breathe, 1MaxiCD
      McKee, Maria - I'm Gonna Sooth You, 1MaxiCD
      McKee, Maria - You Gotta Sin To Get Saved, 1CD
      McLachlan, Sarah - Afterglow Live, 1CD 1DVD
      Meat Loaf - Hits Out Of Hell, 1CD
      Medley, Sue - Same, 1CD
      Michael, George - Faith, Blister Sealed, 1PictureCD
      Petty, Tom - Pack Up The Plantation Live, 1CD
      Porcupine Tree - Ilosaarirock, LE, 1CD Still Sealed, 2CD
      Porcupine Tree - Moonloop, 2006 Remaster, LE 1000, 1CD
      Porcupine Tree - Arriving Somewhere, LE No.1893/2000, Still Sealed, 2DVD
      Porcupine Tree - Lightbulb Sun 2000 Deutsche Tour-Ausgabe, 2CD
      Pretenders - Greatest Hits, 1CD
      Randy Pie - England, England, 1CD
      Rea, Chris - Road To Hell Pt. 1&2, 1x3"CD
      Rolling Stones - No Security, 1CD
      Rolling Stones - Live At The Max, 1DVD
      Rolling Stones - Four Flicks, 4DVD
      Satriani, Joe - Surfing With The Alien, No Cover, 1CD
      Schulze, Klaus - Are You Sequenced?, No Cover, 1CD
      Sensational Alex Harvey Band - Next, 1CD
      Serah & Friedemann - Flight Of The Stork, 0685/1000?, 1PicCD
      Simple Minds - Let There Be Love, 1PicMaxiCD
      Simple Minds - Take A Step Back, 1MaxiCD
      Simple Minds - Seen The Light, 2DVD
      Springsteen - Tunnel Of Love, 1PicCD
      Star One - Live On Earth, 1PromoCD
      Thin Lizzy - Lizzy Killers, 1CD
      Thin Lizzy - The Collection, 1CD
      Tonio K. - We'll Let He Music..., 1Promo3"CD
      Trower, Robin - Portfolio, 1CD
      Walsh, Joe, The Smoker.../You Can't Argue..., 1CD
      Who - Tommy, MFSL, 1CD
      Zappa - Hot Rats, 1st.PictureGoldCD, 1GoldCD
      Eclipsed - Moonhead 1-12, 10CD, 2CD-R
      Eclipsed - MFTAS 1-8, 8CD
      Eclipsed - Sysyphus 1-7, 7CD
      Eclipsed - TAOS 1-25, 25CD
      Sweet Smoke - Same, 2CD
      Woodstock - 1CD
      Woodstock II - 1CD
      Woodstock - Director's Cut, 1DVD

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