Endlich die Early Years Box?

    • hardy schrieb:

      Zurück zum Thema. Schließlich heißt es da oben "Endlich die Early Years box?

      Also, ich habe mir gerade mal so angeschaut aus was die Box im einzelenen besteht. Dabei bin ich die Titelliste auf die Schnelle mal durchgegangen.
      Zugegeben, es sind etliche Lieder drauf die ich gar nicht kenne, oder live-Mitschnitte von irgendwann. Mein Eindruck ist, dass -wenn man seine eigene Sammlung aufpeppen will- man doch sich diese Box leisten soll. Auch für den Preis!

      Wenn der Preis mal ein gutes Stück nach unten gerutscht ist oder ich die Box gebraucht günstig sehe, dann besorge ich sie mir auch.

      Bis dahin wird meine Sammlung ohne die Early Box auskommen.
      Mein Tip: Einzelboxen kaufen.
      Dann stimmt die Preis/Gegenwert Relation.
      Seit 2004 dabei!
    • hardy schrieb:

      Wenn der Preis mal ein gutes Stück nach unten gerutscht ist oder ich die Box gebraucht günstig sehe, dann besorge ich sie mir auch.

      Bis dahin wird meine Sammlung ohne die Early Box auskommen.

      pink-nice schrieb:

      Mein Tip: Einzelboxen kaufen.Dann stimmt die Preis/Gegenwert Relation.

      Die Box kostet bei Amazon momentan 280 Euro. Wirklich meckern kann man da meiner Ansicht nach nicht.
      Klar kosten 6 Boxen davon einzeln momentan nur ca. 150 Euro, aber dann hat man immerhin auch eine Menge Geld ausgegegeben und es fehlen immer noch eine Extrabox und die Singles. Ich zumindest würde mich dann irgendwann ärgern nicht die Box gekauft zu haben...
    • Aus dem SH-Forum von RobCooper:

      I posted this in the old thread but I spoke to
      Andy Jackson and Andy Murray (from PF management) at the launch event in London. Here’s what I posted in 2016, and Ron remembered correctly :

      We talked about the set for around 20 minutes. Some nuggets that you will hopefully appreciate:

      • Nothing Part 14 is from a 2 track stereo mix down. No multis survive. AJ knew nothing about the early Echoes with alternate lyrics that was featured on the BBC Record Producers documentary a few years ago. (more on this later)
      • Madamoiselle Nobs was remixed in 5.1 but the band didn’t want it included!
      • AJ stated that the three tracks from 1972 Brighton Dome show features on the DSOTM Immersion set are the only surviving tracks in the archive. Another fan mentioned the Breathe recording from Classic Albums but he knew nothing about it. He wouldn’t be pressed on the topic (in a very polite way).
      • Montreux 1970 is a stereo recording and they had no idea if it was direct from the desk or captured by onstage mics. AJ mentioned RonToon by name and confirmed that Ron had listened to confirm this was not previously circulated.
      • Regarding the decision to remix OBC, AJ stated that they had access to the multitracks (16 tracks) and they all felt it would benefit from a remix as it was made in a rush. I commented on how wonderful Childhood’s End sounded - in particular the drums. AJ said there was some rather odd recording techniques for the drums on that album - for some songs, drums were on one track (mono), others in stereo. He mentioned that it was poorly engineered and it was difficult achieving good sound for the remix but I think he did an admirable job.
      • He said that the fixing the off-air BBC tracks was challenging. At this point AM joined the conversation and essentially said if the track wasn’t of a releasable standard it wasn’t included.
      • AM said that they’d received a lot of negative comments from fans saying ‘you haven’t included this’ etc and then went on to single out Seabirds. AM said that the track labelled as Seabirds was labelled as such on the original tape box. They didn’t change the name as this was how it was labelled and if they asked the band, they'd probably have no clue what they were talking about (i.e. if he phoned Nick up to ask “we’ve found a track labelled ‘x’ is that right? what should it be called?' the response would be muted). AJ had previously stated that the multitrack for More were missing (should have been caught by the live stream as it was part of his speech). During our discussion he speculated that this may have been an alternative attempt at fitting the particular mood required by the film. When asked by another fan about the 1976 songbook which features the lyrics, AM went on to say they located a tape with a Roger vocal but it was inaudible (he didn't indicate if this was the same as featured in the film More).
      • AM mentioned visiting the BBC tape archive where they were able to take 96/24 transfers and he would take a photo of the tape box. AJ would then sit and listen to them (sometimes nothing was on them that was relevant - AJ mentioned old radio plays). AM also mentioned the old Britannia Row tape collection from which a lot of material was salvaged.
      • AM then went on to mention Nothing Parts 1 to 24. He suggested that there were multiple surviving multitrack tapes (he indicated these were the same as featured in the Record Producers documentary when someone referenced them). He said that he had intended to include these when the project was in development and these tapes were lying about. However, Endless River took over and when the project received the final green light in December 2015, things moved so fast that this was forgotten.
      • AM also added that the Continu/ation disc was intended to mop up stuff and it was quite full. However, he said the only two things that were dropped were an alternate remix of Free Four with different lyrics that AJ prepared when remixing the album (is this new information?). He said it was too jarring to include it at the end of the OBC disc. He also mentioned that Roger Waters had given permission to include Give Birth To a Smile from the Body soundtrack. But time constraints prevented this.
      • With respect to some of the omissions, AM said if fans have access to things that the archive may not have, they are always keen to hear.
      • For the Committee songs, AM said that that only two tracks were included as these were the only ones easily obtainable from the film soundtrack itself and were not obscured by narration. He joked that he wanted to call one of them ‘Do you play bridge?’ in reference to a line from the film but the band were not keen on this.
      • With regards to the price of the box, AM said that it is expensive, but its also ‘bloody expensive’ to make. It will be limited but not to the point it will sell out before Christmas. He said that once it’s gone (he estimated March/April 2017), then its unlikely to be repressed and it will be the individual releases that will replace them. He said that he accepts fans will be unhappy about the decisions but was keen to stress that you can wait for the individual releases so if you’re a Syd fan, buy the first few sets, if you want OBC, buy that set.
    • Ich hab mir heute endlich mal die Meddle Quadro von der Scheibe kopiert, muss mir jetzt nur noch überlegen, in welche Formate ich die bringe ... so, dass mein BluRay- und mein CD-Player beide zufrieden sind ^^
      ·····/\=== HeBu ===/\····
    • Mal ne Frage:

      Da ich ja glücklicher Besitzer der kompletten Box bin und sie wahrscheinlich zu ca. 75-80% durch habe, würde mich jetzt auch der Meddle 5.1Mix interessieren. Mein Problem ist allerdings, dass ich mittlerweile keinen Rechner mehr mit BD-Laufwerk habe und in meinem Bekanntenkreis sich maximal nur Personen befinden die einen DVD-Brenner haben. Gibt es irgendwie die Möglichkeit so an die Dateien zu kommen ?