The Later Years Box

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    • Patrick schrieb:

      und nennst dich trotzdem Hajo, Hans-Joachim
      Falsch! Das haben andere verbockt. Der 1. war ein echt übler Lehrer in der Volksschule und obwohl ich es eigentlich nicht so wollte, haben dann nach und nach immer mehr Leute Hajo gesagt, wenn sie mich meinten. Im Laufe der Jahre und Jahrzehnte habe ich dann resigniert und den Namen angenommen, und ich fühle mich selbst inzwischen eher wie "Hajo" und weniger wie "Hans-Joachim". Es lebt genau genommen inzwischen auch nur noch eine Person, die mich tatsächlich Hans-Joachim nennt, alle anderen habe ich "überlebt".

      Sorry für OT! :angel:
      Übrigens sollte das mit den Abkürzungen für floydige Alben und Titel tatsächlich mal hier im Forum genauer angesprochen werden, besonders unter dem Aspekt, dass es hier nun mal viele interessierte "Fremdleser" gibt, die z.B. aus Info-Gründen hier reinschauen, aber dann mit der "abgekürzten Info" wenig anfangen können.
    • ][eywood (MQR) im SH-Forum:

      I have synchronized the 1989 and 2019 mixes of Delicate Sound of Thunder in a multitrack, played them panned to the opposite channels and have notated the differences. Other than the obvious differences in the mix (better EQ, louder audience) and the range being somewhat dynamically compressed, these are the differences in the 2019 remix:

      Shine On: The opening keys and guitar are different. They don't match up in time. Either it is a different show or they messed with the timing digitally and changed the length of the spaces between the lead phrases. The rest of the song is the same performance.

      Signs of Life contains the same edit that was on the original video version.

      Learning to Fly and Yet Another Movie are the same performances.

      A New Machine and Terminal Frost are new additions.

      Sorrow has been made 1:16 longer with an extended end solo, but 36 seconds of what was originally released is missing.

      Dogs of War has 22 seconds added to the intro pulses.

      On the Turning Away has had 38 seconds added to the solo, but 18 removed.

      One of These Days: 4 seconds has been added at the end of the Dr Who theme.

      Time: The clocks intro has been shortened. The rototoms part is a different show from the album version and is a bit longer. It may be the same as the video version. from the drum break that starts the verse it's the same show, but Rick's vocals are different.

      It is nearly impossible to compare two versions of On The Run. you can synchronise two channels just about anywhere in the song and it works. This is similar to the video edit, as it is about a minute shorter than the actual live versions.

      The Great Gig in the Sky is the same as the video version.

      Wish You Were Here: The mysterious third guitar is gone.

      Welcome to the Machine is a new addition.

      Us and Them: Piano is added to the intro.

      Money: The loose change that prefaces the cash registers is cut as are two bars of the registers. The background "woo woo"s have been moved back a beat. The verse with the acapella girls has been superimposed over the reggae verse. The bass solo has been cut.

      Another Brick in the Wall Part 2: An additional "hey! Teacher!" has been added before the guitar solo, and samples of it between the two solos are present. These additions and the collage at the end are more in line with the 94 tour than the MLoR tour.

      Comfortably Numb has had 1:38 added to the solo in various places, but 14 seconds were removed. Rick's vocal is more prominent during the verses.

      One Slip is the same as the video, but with the tape effects at the start extended a bit.

      Run Like Hell has an extended intro, and Roger Waters' voice has been reinstated in the tape effects during the breakdown. The explosions of the pyro are now in the mix. 13 seconds has been added to the final chord.

      Dialogue has also been adeed in a couple of spots.

    • Jester schrieb:

      Bei 3Sat läuft ja grade die Live in Venedig. Also von der Bildqualität finde ich sie jetzt nicht so schlecht. Ich hatte das Konzert als DVD und da war die Bildqualität deutlich schlechter.
      Bild ist OK, schlecht war allerdings der Ton. Und aus der Soundbar war auch nicht mehr rauszuholen. 8)
      'In the beginning, God created the Heaven and the Earth' ........... and let there be Light. © William Anders, 1968 on Bord from Apollo 8, in the orbit from the moon
    • Der Vollständigkeit Halber.....

      Knebworth I

      "Shine On You Crazy Diamond"
      "The Great Gig in the Sky"

      "Every gun that is made, every warship launched, every rocket fired signifies, in the final sense, a theft from those who hunger and are not fed, those who are cold and are not clothed."
      Dwight David Eisenhower
    • Thias2345 schrieb:

      schade das die Qualität von pulse schlechter ist als knebworth oder venice
      na ja die Qualität ist das beste was man aus den Film jetzt machen konnte weil war nur TV Broadcasting gedacht..

      Ich finde es schade das man man es nicht schaffte die Original PULSE Cd mit rein packen konnte remastered..

      Und ob der neue PULSE schnitt besser ist als der alte mag ich zu bezweifeln.. aber nur meine Meinung


      Leidenschaftlicher Schlagzeuger :drummer: