Video Live 8 2005 Hyde Park

    • Video Live 8 2005 Hyde Park

      gibt es ein Video auf DVD, BD oder Internet vom PF - Hyde Park Auftritt in Super Qualität?
      In der Exhibition lief ja im letzten Saal dieses CN Video.... Und bei Youtube gibt es einen Beitrag, da steht was mit Dolby AC3 bzw. DTS 6channel.
      Das würde ich gerne zu Hause mal einlegen.
      Für Hinweise wäre ich sehr dankbar.
    • Soetwas wie in der Exhibition wird es für zu Hause nicht geben...Das war in den Abbey Road studios neu für über 30 Lautsprecher (32?) abgemischt. Irgendwo gibt es ein video dazu...
      Aber in DTS wird es auch zu Hause gut vernehmbar sein!? Ich habe mir bei Amazon die 4 Disc Version bestellt, mal sehen was da kommt.... Vielen Dank für die Hinweise!
      Gruß ausm Norden.
    • I've read a few interviews with Tim Renwick (who played with Roger in 1984 and Floyd 1987-90 and 1994 + Live8) about Live8.

      'It didn't turn out to be much of a laugh! Roger appeared to want to be “group leader” from the start of rehearsals and it made for an uncomfortable atmosphere all round. He did not seem to credit the fact that most of the musicians and crew had worked together on and off for 17 years without him being there!' - Interview with Tim Renwick! |

      'Roger was at least an hour late turning up each day. He would arrive with this attitude of, “Right, I’m here now, we can begin”, which is what he used to do years ago. It’s a stunt, and he’d be making wild suggestions about rearranging things, because with his band he’d done things at different tempos and so on, and keys. David, bless him, was very accommodating, but at the end of the day he had to turn around and say, “Look, we’re doing four numbers and, at the end of the day, people are expecting to hear the hits exactly the way they sounded in the old days”.

      There wasn’t a single person in the room that Roger hadn’t upset at some point in his career. So there was a lot of people standing around, looking very tight-lipped, being incredibly professional and keeping their heads down slightly, and doing what they were told. It should have been a real laugh and it wasn’t, in the final analysis, because Roger was still so hung up on trying to do it all his way.' - 50 Years Of Pink Floyd: A Most Unlikely Reunion | Louder

      Then you've Gilmour saying 'rehearsals convinced me it wasn't something I wanted to do a lot of'.

      I'm not sure it was an entirely pleasant experience, at least not for Gilmour. The actual show probably was fine, but all the buildup was probably quite a painful exercise.
      Tom Hinde, Yesterday at 8:40 PM…s-box-set.874454/page-257